Situated in a small village called Jakkanahalli, Woodway is uniquely accessible to all places of interest. Mullayangiri, Dattapeeta/Baba Budan Giri, and Seethalayangiri are all on the same range of hills as Woodway.

Places to visit

The Bhadra wildlife sanctuary is a short, scenic, drive from Woodway.
Surrounded by the property are quaint and beautiful hills that can be explored on foot. Heritage sites such as Shraavanabelagola, Beluru, Halebeedu, and Belavadi temples are all located en route to Woodway.

The Coffee Experience

This Coffee plantation stay allows you to experience the life of a passionate coffee grower.. Right from the workings of a plantation, picking & processing the berries, or just walking through a guided tour along with the friendly estate staff. It enables you to enjoy the homestay in Chikmagalur and the plantation trails that have been set up for our guests to explore.