The Area

Chikkamagaluru-the younger daughters village.Rukhmangadha a chieftain of Sakrayapatna, is said to have gifted this village to his younger daughter on her Wedding day.The area is often referred to as the Scotland of India due to its cool, wet clime with her lush rolling hills. The hills and the breathtaking scenery acts as an enchanting & mesmerising backdrop for any occasion. The hill ranges of Chandradrona act as the cradle for the birth of Indian coffee by enticing the Sufi saint BabaBudan to plant the 7 seeds of coffee that he allegedly smuggled from Arabia.

Woodway Estate

Woodway Homestay in Chikmagalur estate is located about 14 kilometers from the town of Chikkamagaluru and the property is a 4-hour drive from the Bangalore international airport. She stands tall on a hill at 4500 feet above mean sea level where the air is naturally conditioned.

The ‘Bungalow’ is surrounded by Coffee bushes and hills which offer an abundance of trekking and cycling opportunities to all. Our family has enjoyed the wonders of Woodway for many years and would like to share it with you. We invite you to visit us and sample the famed “Malenadu” hospitality that we have to offer.